Fall semester


internship / assistant to directors

LungA School is a performance of a school; a community of artists; an artist commune; a utopia; an energy spasm; a social experiment; a movement; a beginning; an ending; a continuity; a transformation. LungA School is a shared experience of daily life as praxis.

As part of an internship assisting the directors, and living with the students during the Fall 2018 Program, a 12-part zine was produced in collaboration with Shan Turner-Carroll.

Each contained an edited transcript of a radio interview conducted and broadcast live over Seydisfjordur Community Radio 107.1FM. The zines represent an archive of these ephemeral broadcasts.

Containing fragments of text, drawings and photographs, the zines embody the brief and intense period of the cohort working and living together in a small remote fjord town as one organism.