Fremantle Biennale 2021


Role: co-producer (with Katherine Wilkinson)

A ten-week programme of mentoring, process and discussion delivered as part of the Fremantle Biennale 2021 festival. Seven young West Australian artists participated in the program, and were led by myself and Katherine in a series of weekly workshops / creative labs. In collaboration with Kat and I, the labs were facilitated by local, interstate and international artists, both in-person, on-site, or over Zoom. The INCOMING project centred on themes of collaboration, caretaking and place-responsive practice. The program intentionally leaned away from outcomes/output and instead focused on laying the foundations for a longer-term vision of creative community in the future generation of artists.


A Published Event (TAS)
Kynan Tan (NSW)
Setare Arashloo (Iran)
Mike Bianco (WA)
Fernando do Campo (NSW)
Jonatan Spejborg-Juelsbo & Lasse Høgenhof / LungA School (Iceland)

(Above) Images from Derbal Yerrigan ritual (week 10)

(Below) Images from York field trip with Mike Bianco (week 5)