Möbius (Atina, City of Saturn)

Stereo sound
16:30min loop

Exhibited in Lumen III: La Luce delle Stelle, Lumen Crypt Gallery, London

Möbius: a repetitious, non-orientable geometric form that has no beginning or end, and appears to have two separate surfaces that are one and the same.

Möbius questions the absurdity of our existence, and deals with the relationship between my memory of the town Atina, local versus universal time, and repetition. An anecdote about preparing an artwork using a copy machine with the help of the local librarian, Luciano, told as an infinite loop.

Left and right audio channels are split, reversed, repeated and interchanged between the left and right ears. The effect both synchronises and confounds the shape of the sound; a precisely symmetrical loop that moves simultaneously backward and forward, sounding at once comprehensible and foreign, continuous yet disjointed.